10 Best 80s Outfit Men -The Trends Of 1980s

Men’s 80s fashion is being searched a lot. Many men want to wear 80s outfits but they do not know about 80s mens fashion, what to wear, and how to style 80s outfits. That’s why today we will tell you 17 timeless 80s mens fashion outfits. And will tell you how did men dress in the 80s. And we’ll help you style like an 80s fashion man.

A) 80s Casual Fashion Outfits Men

The 80s men’s casual fashion was very popular in the 80s men’s fashion era. Because these 80s mens casual outfits were very stylish, due to which they were worn a lot and are still worn today. These outfits give the perfect 80s look.

These outfits are in the men’s fashion trends in today’s time, about which we have told below. We have given below 80s mens casual fashion outfits must read. This can give you a perfect 80s guy outfits. 

1) Dark Navy Blue Shirt with Light Navy Blue Jeans 

We all know how popular men’s 80s fashion is today. That’s why today we are telling you about some best 80s mens fashion. In which our first outfit is 80s Mens Casual Fashion Outfit. To style this outfit, you will need a dark navy blue jeans shirt and light navy blue jeans pants.

Along with this, style white shoes with it to complete this 80s guys outfit. This is a very attractive men’s casual outfit. Due to its attractive look, this outfit was worn by many 80s fashion men. You can also try it, it can prove to be one of the best 80s men fashion outfit for you.

2. White Shirt with Dark Chocolate Colored Denim Jacket 

A white shirt, dark chocolate colored denim jacket, and light chocolate colored pant is the best outfit in our list of timeless 80s men’s fashion outfits. And to complete this outfit, wear white shoes with it.

This 80s guy outfit is very attractive and eye-catching. It was in men’s fashion trends during the 80s mens fashion era. The white shirt worn in this outfit called the best 80s mens shirt. This outfit of 80s fashion is very much liked even today. You can also try it, it can prove to be the best 80s outfit for you.

B) 80s Men’s Preppy Fashion Outfits

80s outfits men

Preppy fashion is one such style in the list of 1980s fashion outfits which was very much in trend. Many 80s fashion men used to wear these preppy outfits. That’s why we have included this preppy fashion in our list of 80s mens fashion.

Apart from this, it is coming in trend again in today’s time and mens 80s fashion is also being liked a lot. We have listed some of the best outfits of preppy fashion below, must read. These are also considered as top 80s guys outfits.

1. Khaki Colored Pants with a Light Blue Polo T-shirt

This outfit is one of the most popular and favorite outfit of 80s mens fashion. Because these outfits will give you a classy and eye-catching look and it is also very stylish and fashionable. Due to which these 80s guys outfits are in trend even today.

You have worn khaki colored pants for this preppy fashion outfit. After this you have to wear a collar up light blue polo T-shirt. Along with this, you have also wear a suitable patterned belt and the bracelet and necessary accessories to enhance your look. These will prove to be the perfect preppy outfit for you and will give a perfect 80s mens fashion look.

2. Pink Designer Full Sleeves T-shirt Under Green Coat 

This preppy fashion outfit will be very cool and eye-catching because this outfit looks very attractive due to its color combination. This is the coolest outfit on our list of mens 80s fashion. This is considered the best among 80s guys outfits.

For this outfit, you have to wear a full-sleeved Designer pink T-shirt with a white collar. With this, you have to wear a green coat over it. To complete this outfit, you have wear to dark wheat colored pants with it. Along with this, wear the necessary accessories to enhance the look of this outfit. This outfit can prove to be the best 80s fashion men outfit for you.

3. Colorful Patterned Jogger And Orange T-shirt Under Bronze Colored Coat 

This outfit is also a great option for you if you want to get an 80s look and want to look like 80s fashion man. This outfit completely follows the 80s men’s fashion and will give you a perfect preppy fashion look. 

You have worn a colorful patterned joggers for this outfit which is very eye-catching. After this, you have to wear an orange colored T-shirt and then wear a bronze colored coat. With this outfit you will get an 80s fashion look and a preppy fashion look.

C) 80s Mens Fashion Trend 

1. Hawaiian Printed Shirts Outfits

80s fashion men

Hawaiian printed shirts were very famous in the 1980s men’s fashion. Hawaiian shirts were widely worn. Hawaiian printed shirts are very classic and fashionable. Hawaiian printed shirts will give you the perfect 80s look. 

While styling Hawaiian printed shirts, take special care of the color combination. And also wear suitable accessories with the right size and outfit. 

Hawaiian printed shirt outfit – Red printed Hawaiian shirt with black pant 

2. Full Denim Outfits

80s mens fashion

Denim outfits are very popular outfits of 1980s men’s fashion. Denim outfits are very attractive and eye-catching. 80s fashion men used to wear denim outfits a lot. Denim outfits were very famous because of their cool appearance. The full denim outfit is one of the most attractive and cool outfits on our list of 80s men’s fashion. 

Full Denim Outfit – Black t-shirt under navy blue denim jacket with navy blue jeans 

3. Oversized Printed Shirts 

Oversized printed shirts were very famous during the 80s and are still very popular today. Oversized printed shirts are very popular because of their attractive appearance. You wear it for the perfect 80s look. We have written below the outfits of oversized printed shirts, must-read.

Oversized printed shirt Outfit 1 –

Green and purple oversized printed shirt with Black pant 

Oversized printed shirt Outfit 2 –

A black and white patterned shirt with a black pant

Did Guys Wear Skinny Jeans In The 80s?

Yes, skinny jeans were worn in the 80s and were very popular.

What Pants Were Popular In The 80s?

Tight jeans were the fashion trend of the 1980s. In the 80s, tight jeans were very trendy and popular in men fashion.

What Did Rich Men Wear In The 80s?

In today’s time, 80s men’s fashion is in trend, along with this, 80s rich men clothing is also searched a lot. If we talk about 80s rich men outfits, then let us tell you that 3-piece suits, jackets, pants, and sweaters were very worn by rich men.

Is 80s Fashion Coming Back Men?

Yes, 80s men’s fashion is in trend these days. 80s men fashion outfits are being worn a lot in today’s time. And some of these best 80s men outfits we have mentioned above must read.

What Should Guys Wear To An 80s Party?

Ripped clothes, denim jackets, tight pants, and polo T-shirts were widely worn at parties. These outfits were very much in trend during the 80s. And in today’s time, these outfits are again coming in trend. you must try them too.


Today, through this post, we have told you some of the best 80s men’s fashion outfits. You must try these outfits and style your outfit like 80s men’s fashion. Because of 80s fashion men outfits are very popular in today’s time and are also in trend.

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